Season Launch 2023!

26 February 2023
1:00 pm

MEJFC Season Launch 2023!

A huge day planned with further details to come but for starters we have MEJFC Uniform sales & MOUTHGUARD Fitting
February 26th 1-5pm at the Clubrooms
Come down to the clubrooms and try & buy any playing or off field gear and have a mouthguard fitted if you like!
MEJFC have again secured the leading Prosthetist on the Peninsula and the only one to invest in Digital Technology for a 3D fitting service at the club!
No more messy conventional impressions. The teeth are scanned using an Intra Oral scanner then 3D print the models of the child’s mouth. It’s much nicer for the kids who gag and can’t tolerate all the impression material in their mouths, and the mouthguards fit absolutely perfectly. It is also invaluable for kids with braces. It makes the process so easy and the fit is much better than moulded styles.
There are 35 separate colours to choose from.
***Anyone with private health with dental extras, depending on their funds will get most if not all back.
For more information click here:…/digital-custom…/…
Please note: If you need uniform and cannot make it today you can always purchase online
Click here for the MEJFC Club store

Again further info to come!


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